24-Hour Emergency Service
Truly a round-the-clock full-service electrical contractor providing rapid response service during emergencies.
Preventative Maintenance
Providing customers with monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance programs focused on finding and fixing issues before they become costly problems.
We’ll take your project from conception to completion, offering design services utilizing cad application to visualize all aspects of the project before one screw is turned.
Energy Conservation
As electric bills rise and government regulations become more stringent, companies have found it necessary to improve the energy efficiencies of their operations. We have made a commitment to help our customers find and resolve such inefficiencies, resulting in long term savings.
Renewable Energy
We believe that renewable energy is the power of the future. When the benefits, which include environmental concerns, long term value and substantial financial incentives are all taken into account, the argument for using solar electricity in the commercial sector becomes very compelling. So when a company is ready to start reaping the rewards of solar, let Towne Electric be your full service solar solution.